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“We Can’t Handle Any More Cars!”


Usually, anytime I’d hear those words I would take it as a shop owner politely telling me they aren’t interested in marketing, but lately it seems like that isn’t the case. Even at our own family shop it seems like we are living in a time where people are holding onto cars longer and spending more on repairs, which leads to cars EVERYWHERE.

Although it’s usually a good thing to be busy, it can do a lot of damage if you get bombarded with work while understaffed. You’ve worked hard to build your customer base. The last thing any owner wants to do is send their customers to their competition because they can’t accommodate them.

We’ve developed a few techniques over the years to make sure our family shop is ready for an influx of business at any time, but it’s not easy. It’s hard enough getting parts right now, who has the time to fish for resumes all day?

If you got tickets piling up and you’re having to turn customers away, we can help! Just tell us what position you’re looking to fill and we will start getting you some applicants ASAP!

- Wade Fitzgerald


PS - Like my hat?

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Dan Urias at Lockton Insurance has you covered!

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