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Does Advertising On Social Media Work?

If you’re spending more than a few hundred dollars per month on social media, here are some questions to ask your marketing company:

What type of content do they post?

Video is the KING of content, so make sure your marketing company is uploading videos to your social pages often. Videos create more engagement and are proven to increase the odds of a person buying from a company. There’s a reason Bridgestone, Big O, NAPA, Jiffy Lube and every other national chain put so much into their online presence using the power of video content. It works.

With ASC, your shop will have access to the same premium video content and marketing strategies that your corporate competitors use to drive such high traffic to their shops, starting at $100/month.

Do they create social media ad campaigns?

Typically, ad campaigns come at a premium but, if you’re paying over $500/mo for social media management, it should DEFINITELY include advertising to your local demographic. If you’re not sure if your current marketer is promoting your business, then just ask them. They should be able to provide you with analytics showing you exactly how many people are reached, and it should be a lot! With ASC, our Social Pro package includes premium commercials, custom ad campaigns guaranteed to reach thousands in your city and phone calls straight to your shop.

If your current marketing company can’t show you that your shop was promoted to thousands of people, and you pay more than $500 per mo, give us a call.

How often do you post?

Asking your marketing company how much they post will tell you the type of understanding they have regarding the automotive industry. Let’s say you liked your dentist so much that you decided to follow them on Facebook, then your dentist started putting up cell phone pictures every 10 minutes of other peoples bad teeth issues. You probably wouldn’t want to follow that dentist anymore after a few hours. It might even make you feel weird about going back there. Are they going to post my teeth on Facebook?

I see a lot of shops make this same mistake, and sometimes they even PAY other people to make this mistake for them. If this is you, that’s ok. We have always been told that posting often is best on social media, but really, that’s only true if your last name is Kardashian. No one wants to see their mechanic that much. And posting nonsense once a month isn’t great either. There’s a fine line to walk when it comes to advertising your shop. ASC has dedicated a lot of years to creating content that customers LOVE to see from their local shop. For as low as $100, we will post engaging, HD content to your page every week.

We never set out to be a marketing company., we just wanted to find the best ways to market out shop. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you spend money. Your marketing company should be proud to show you the results, and if they’re not - we got you covered!

- Wade Fitzgerald

Founder of ASC

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