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OUR STORY was established in 2020 by Dan Fitzgerald, an independent repair shop owner of over 35 years, and his son Wade, an automotive marketer and musician.

Over the years, the father-son duo became exceptional at marketing Dan’s shop, Complete Autocare & Tire. In 2016, rather than sticking to their usual marketing strategies like TV and magazine ads, they decided to try something new. Wade discovered how to reach thousands of people every week by using HD video content combined with the newfound power of social media advertising. 


At night, they would turn the shop into a movie set, creating new videos every week and promoting them online within their community (something no other independent shops in the area were doing at the time). As the shop went digital with their marketing, they were receiving more exposure than ever for a fraction of what they would spend on local TV and magazine ads. From 2016-2020, Complete Autocare & Tire had increased their revenue by over 15% each year, all while saving thousands of dollars every month with their new marketing strategy. 


  In March of 2020, a ‘Stay At Home’ order was put in place due to the COVID19 pandemic. Now, with more people than ever searching for services online, the shop’s digital marketing strategy was paying off big time. While other shops in the area were shutting down, Complete Autocare was producing record volume. Suddenly, every video they uploaded over the last 10 years was being seen thousands of times on search engines and social media, organically. 


With such a powerful, yet affordable way to reach new customers, at a time when a lot of shops could use some help, Dan and Wade decided to turn their attention into replicating their ideas for independent shops across the US. In September 2020, was born. By October, they were working with shops all over America by offering them 3 months of service for free. 


Now in 2023, with staffing problems and rising inflation, ACS’s mission is as relevant as ever - to continue helping independent shops worry a little less. Dan and Wade have dedicated their lives to automotive retail and helping independent repair shops across America receive the same premium marketing services as their corporate competitors.

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